Why Create your Path?

Don't waste your college investment!

Create Your Path is a program designed specifically to ease those worries!  It’s an easy-to-follow series of video workshops that helps you find your way toward a successful life and career by reflecting back on the key experiences you have already had.

Integrating the academic, professional, and personal together, Create Your Path will help you find the meaningful intersection between their unique skills and passionate interests.

It’s a recipe for successful and happy life!

Strengths, Passions, Values

Can you answer that question with confidence

“Yes?”  Great!

“No?”  No problem!

Regardless of where you are on your journey, Create Your Path will guide you toward your goals.  Whether you are answering this question for the first time or picking up the program somewhere along their journey, this program will get you there faster and more efficiently.

Originally created as a “Flip The Classroom” program for Dartmouth College, Create Your Path teaches skills and methods focused on helping university students create unique paths that integrate the academic, professional, and personal together.

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See our program overview, view program pricing & options, or contact Darin for more information.

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